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What a week! Attending the Women in the Director's Chair Career Advancement Module and screening HANDMADE FILM at St. John's International Women's Film Festival has been magnificent!

I had an amazing opportunity to be mentored by some extraordinary women and learned so much under the amicable guidance of Carol Whiteman, Lulu Keating, Marina Cordoni, Heather Allin and E. Jane Thompson. I was also lucky to have three incredibly talented ladies partaking in the program with me, Chris Ross, Lorna Kirk and Kerry GM. Major shout out to the staff, volunteers, sponsors, panelists and all the other wonderful people I met or caught up with during the festival... Jenn Brown, Tom Cochrane, Lorraine Price and Janal Bechthold to name a few! Lastly, congratulations to all the filmmakers!

Thank you WIDC and SJIWFF for supporting females, Canadians and film!

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