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Handmade Film is a poetic portrait of artist Lindsay McIntyre who specializes in experimental 16mm films, projection performance and handmade emulsion. Director Christina Ienna meticulously crafts a visual language that mirrors McIntyre’s process and amplifies the haunting images in her work. Ultimately, Ienna's film is an ode to the moving image and a reminder of the artistry that goes into making traditional film.

We were thrilled to chat with Christina Ienna about her journey as a cinematographer. [ Full Article ] WIFT Showcase screened on April 17 7:00pm TIFF Lightbox and won "Best of Showcase Award!"

She Does The City also interviewed Christina about her film. I hope the piece gives audiences a peek behind the screen and potentially intrigues a few to pursue filmmaking themselves. As for those already filming, this is a little salute to you and your passion to create in this medium. [ Full Article ]

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