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Travel Alberta

Spent most of this autumn in the mountains surrounded by a glorious palette of colour. Wandering across the province working with the Travel Alberta crew was an incredible experience. We searched for bears in Banff, filmed a postcard prefect view of Moraine Lake, had close encounters with wildlife in Waterton and then looked back in time at Heritage Park in Calgary. A 12km hike transported us through an extreme seasonal change, from the last warmth of summer to the vibrance of fall, ending in snowy mountain tops amoung a forest of golden larch trees. So grateful for these wonderful memories shared working with another fantastic crew - especially one of my mentors, Shaun Henning! Along the way we met some wonderful people with great stories and I was also lucky enough to meet digital nomad Andrew Evans and his cameraman Josh Newman from National Geographic!

Positions: Camera Assistant, Digital Image Technician and B-Camera

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