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LOGLINE | Live at NAB 2017

Back in April at NAB, I was invited by Story & Heart to shoot "Logline" at the Atomos booth. This was a unique experience, as we were not only filming live on the show floor but also collaborating with other fantastic Directors and DPs, each shooting a different scene. I was paired up with Director Lee Morton to shoot the taco truck scene. Thank you to everyone that donated their time, gear and energy to the project!!!

Shout out to my friends at DMG Lumière and Moss LED for lending me some extra lights from their booths and my goon squad for lending extra hands. Huge thanks to FilmConvert Kessler Crane® Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc. B&H Photo Video Pro Audio Motorized Precision Soundstripe Hive Lighting 123RF Freefly Systems ZEISS Camera Lenses X-Rite Photo & Video Sekonic Redrock Micro Veydra Westcott Wooden Camera Tenba Glidecam for the gear!!

Shot on Alexa Mini

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