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CANADIAN STYLE | Tourism Canada

Nigel Ruwende, fashion designer, apprentice Savile Row tailor and stylist to UK stars, sets off on cross-country exploration of Canadian style. Starting on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival, he visits Herschel Supply Co., Roots Canada, Naked & Famous Denim, Needs&Wants, Lowell MTL, Herschel Supply Co. and aboriginal designer Dorothy Grant. Had such a wonderful time filming this series for Tourism Canada with TCO London. We filmed, we travelled, we met cool people, we ate tacos, so many tacos and we became great pals. I was so grateful that Taryn invited me to join this amazing crew. One of my favourite shoots to date. Nigel, Willy, Taryn, Momme, Pablo, D'Arcy, Gaelle, Claire I miss you all and can't wait to cross paths again!

Shot on Sony A7SII

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